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Understanding a Disappearing Oil

Have you checked your vehicle’s oil lately? Do you notice a change in its volume?

If you think that your vehicle’s oil disappeared mysteriously, you are not alone. A lot of drivers these days have encountered such problem to their vehicles. They only observe its disappearance whenever they schedule for an oil check or when they conduct regular maintenance inspection to their vehicle. Disappearing oil may sound like a mystery to some, but there is always a reason why this happens.

The first reason could be another person trying to sneak in and siphon out the oil in your vehicle. This might be a silly factor to think about but maybe someone is trying to trick you. You might not notice it in the first few days but once you check it, you will observe a change in the oil’s volume. Better inspect your security cameras from time to time or take watch on your car that is parked somewhere else. We never know someone is stealing from your vehicle’s oil while you are sleeping or doing household chores.

Secondly, your vehicle may have burned more oil than usual because you did not change it regularly. A typical driver must change their vehicle’s oil every 7,500 miles or so. This is to keep the car running without causing engine problems. So if you have noticed that your car’s odometer increased and you have not changed its oil, better do it as soon as possible. The negative impact of not changing it regularly may be difficult to fix in the future. Therefore, be vigilant in the miles incurred on your vehicle and make sure to schedule for an oil change.

Lastly, if you are the type of person who tries to save money, you better not do it for your vehicle’s sake. Adding oil when it is too low can harm the rings of the engine. In fact, it exacerbates oil burning thus, making you wonder why your vehicle oil disappeared all of a sudden. Oil burning often gets worse over time and may hamper your car’s longevity.

So if you do not want to scratch your head and wonder why your car’s oil disappeared, do the preventive measures.

Has your car checked regularly by an expert and reliable mechanic? Be sure to follow the advice of this professional individual and do not disregard the changes that he or she will recommend. This person is the best individual to approach whenever it is about the changes in your car.

You will never go wrong if you make an effort to check the oil and change it often. This may be an additional expense but take note, you will spend more money if you do not prevent these things from taking place. Aside from that, you will not only enjoy a hassle-free driving but you will also save a huge amount of money in costly repair. Hence, inspect your car now and see if the oil is disappearing.

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