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Things You Need to Know About Your Mechanic before Hiring their Services

There are different types of car owners – those who have a daily or weekly maintenance routine for their car, those who can wait a few months before cleaning their car, family car owners, sports car owners, and the like. We can go on and on listing the differences between car owners, but if there is one thing all car owners will agree on – is probably that finding a good, trustworthy mechanic, is never an easy task.

When having to deal with a mechanic, you usually find yourself struggling to figure out whether you’re being overcharged by your mechanic or if your mechanic is tricking you into fixing things that don’t need to be fixed (and charge you extra for that), and sometimes you even find yourself wondering if anything was fixed at all.

That is why we’ve decided to gather the most important things you need to ask and know about your mechanic before even allowing them to check your vehicle. This may help you make a wiser decision picking your mechanic in the future, but it might also help you be more informed and involved when it comes to your car.

What Certifications Do You have?

Just like you wouldn’t let anyone off the street enter your kid’s classroom and start teaching them – you shouldn’t let anyone who is unprofessional handle your car. That is why you should make sure that your mechanic is well trained and most importantly – licensed. A licensed mechanic is bound to rules and regulations that are important and can be life-saving when dealing with car repair. It also makes sure that you will receive high-quality repair work, and just as important – fair rates.

What Does the Final Cost Include?

If you feel like the price offer is even slightly exaggerated, an attempt to overcharge you, or you simply can’t make sense of what you are being charged for – this is the time to ask your mechanic for a detailed proposal, or in other words – what are they charging you for exactly? It can be the time that they will be spend working on your car, the parts’ costs (which can also be a great time to ask which parts exactly will be used while working), etc. Once you have all the information you need – you can make a wiser decision.

Are you Experienced with this Type of Car?

Each car is different and needs to be handled by someone who is experienced and understands its mechanical specifications, and not by every mechanic you meet along the way and who isn’t necessarily experienced with your make or model. Try looking for a machine that knows their way around your car.

Do You Offer Any Additional Services?

A professional garage will usually offer additional services. The range can go from offering you a ride to your next destination, offering you a replacement car, and even something as simple as a nice cup of coffee in the waiting room.

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