Milpitas 24HR Towing & Roadside Assistance

Around the Clock Towing Service in Milpitas

You can’t control the weather just like you can’t control roadside emergencies. When you are stranded come rain or shine we have the reliable towing service you need.  But mechanical failures while you’re flying down the highway aren’t the only time towing service is useful.  We have the drivers and trucks you need to put a vehicle or heavy equipment in storage or take it out.

towing service can save you gas money and mileage on your vehicle whether you are towing a vehicle to the paint shop, repair shop, or to your son in the bay area because we provide towing service to the area and beyond.

Towing service for auto or truck transport is easy with our crew of trained technicians and their well-equipped trucks.  Besides providing local and long distance towing, our tow truck service can get you off the side of the road in an emergency.  Our tow trucks and flatbeds are well maintained so we don’t end up stranded bringing you towing service.

When you have a breakdown involving the brakes or axel, flatbed towing might be the safest towing service to use. Our drivers are trained technicians experienced at car towing using tow truck service or flatbeds and can help with all your emergency and non-emergency towing needs.

J&C Towing: Light duty towing and Flatbed Towing

If you’ve miles to surf before you sleep, let us do your light-duty towing of motorcycles or mechanically sound cars.  We’ll take them to storage or bring them home from anywhere.  Our vehicles are dependable and our drivers are trained technicians giving you the best towing service available.  Call J&C Towing for all your towing needs.

There’s no need to go to different companies for your local and long distance towing.  J&C Towing does it all! Flatbed towing service is one of the safest forms of car towing.  So use our towing service and hang ten. While we do your flatbed towing and truck towing service or car towing get in one more game at one of our many golf courses.

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