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When Batteries Die…

It’s morning. You’re dashing out of your front door, a mug of hut coffee tightly clenched in one arm, your briefcase in the other. You’re 6 minutes before rush hour starts. You get in your car, insert your keys into the ignition, try to turn over the engine… but you get nothing back except utter silence resembling the vacant void of outer space.
The first thought that rushes into your mind is jerking the hood open, bracing yourself, and giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to your dead battery even at the risk of eating dust.
The second thought that quickly, and thankfully, takes over is calling J&C Towing.

Battery Jump Start in Milpitas, CA

The good news: since we’re literally always here and are available 24/ with a fast response time, one of our capable technicians will be at your side to offer any assistance needed. If there’s any juice left in your battery – we’ll make the most of it and allow you to get on with your day as quickly as possible. Jump starting a car battery is an easy enough task when performed by trained professionals so our experts will surely be providing you with the best service and car trouble-related experience you’ll ever get.

Car Battery Replacement by J&C Towing

Unfortunately, not even our super-technicians can restore life to a completely dead battery. Sometimes, there’s no choice other than replacing the depleted battery. Our teams enjoy state-of-the-art equipment suited to effectively handle all and any roadside trouble, so they’ll have your car geared up with a new, fresh battery in no time regardless of the model you drive.
In any case, your car will remain adamant in its refusal to cooperate we offer a full range of towing services and its network of independently owned and licensed affiliates as well as additional emergency roadside assistance services:

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