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Accident Removal Services in Milpitas

In the unfortunate case of a traffic accident, the main concern is naturally for the drivers and passengers in the vehicles involved. But once all that needs to be done in this capacity has been taken care there are vehicles to be moved from the scene. This is where an accident removal service is called for.
J&C Towing and its network of independently owned and licensed affiliates provide accident removal services among the full range of towing services we offer. As with every service we provide our accident removal service is highly professional, quick, and competitively priced.

J&C Towing – 24/7 Rapid Response

With accident removal speed is of the essence. This is because vehicles left at the scene of an auto crash do not just impede normal traffic flow but may pose a real danger of further crashes occurring.
At J&C Towing we are available 24/7, every day of the year, our extensive fleet of tow trucks and expert tow techs ensure we always have one ready to be sent off at a moment’s notice.
Our intimate knowledge of routes and typical traffic conditions in Milpitas allows us to guarantee a fast response time. Once on the scene, our techs will proceed to quickly tow away your vehicle, all the while ensuring everyone’s safety (both those waiting for the vehicle to be towed as well as other motorists driving by).

True Professionals

Every towing job should be handled professionally, this is especially true so far as accident removal is concerned. Towing vehicles which have been damaged in crashes is challenging, scenes of traffic accidents may make the whole operation dangerous.
J&C Towing is just the type of towing company you want to handle an accident removal job. Our techs are all top of their field and our tow trucks are all state of the art.

Apart from comprehensive towing services, which include accident removal, we also offer top class roadside assistance services, among these are:

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